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Several types of sampling techniques are available as follows:

Data Collection Tools

Alternative Strategies of Inquiry
Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Methods Statistical Methods
Predetermined Instrument based questions Performance, attitude, observation and census data Statistical analysis
Emerging methods Open-ended questions Interview, observation, document and audiovisual data Text and image analysis
Both predetermined and emerging methods Both open- and closed -ended questions Multiple forms of data drawing on all possibilities Statistical and text analysis

Identifying Data Collection Tools

Unstructured question in which possible answers are not suggested, and the respondent answers it in his or her own words. Such questions usually begin with a how, what, when, where, and why. Although a question guide will be provided to direct the interview, the specific questions and the sequence in which they are asked will not precisely be determined in advance.

Semi-structured questionnaire will be open, allowing new ideas to be brought up during the interview as a result of what the interviewee says. Researcher in semi-structured interview will have a framework of themes to be explored. Semi-structured is mix of structured & unstructured questionnaire. Some of the questions and their sequence will be determined in advance, while others will evolve as the interview proceeds.

Structured questionnaire will have a rigorous set of questions which will not allow one to divert. The questions will be precisely decided in advance. When used as an interviewing method, the questions will be asked exactly as they are written, in the same sequence, using the same style, for all interviews. Nonetheless, the structured questionnaire can sometimes be left a bit open for the researcher to amend to suit a specific context.

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