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Methodology can be defined as the rationale for the methods used in each study. “Methodologies refer to the overall approach to the research process, from the theoretical underpinning to the collection and analysis of data.

Statswork plans your research methodology with utmost Care & Diligence

Research planning is an intricate process, and it requires utmost care and diligence. Deciding on an appropriate UG, Master’s or Ph.D. research topic is an arduous task in itself but planning for research is an extremely elaborate process. Hence it is necessary that planning for research should carried out meticulously. The planning process starts from the time researchers identify a specific topic for their research through literature review, finalizing questionnaire followed by statistical data analysis or qualitative textual analysis.

We Chose research method based on the literature review, & research gap

Descriptive Qualitative (Ethnographic/case study), quantitative, correlation /regression, quasi-experimental, experimental, meta-analysis.

Methodology can be defined as the rationale for the methods used in each study. “Methodologies refer to the overall approach to the research process, from the theoretical underpinning to the collection and analysis of data. Like theories, methodologies cannot be true or false, only more or less useful” was the definition provided Silverman to define pure research methodology (as cited in Hussey & Hussey, 1997, p.54).

Research methodology assignment or coursework is part of the Master’s and PhD programme. The coursework helps the students to get familiar on the different methodologies been followed in their specialization and thereby assists them to choose an appropriate methodology that best suits for the purpose of the dissertation. The section of the research methodology includes the research design, research purpose, sampling, sample size, target population, data collection method (primary or secondary data), if primary, research tools proposed to apply (e.g. questionnaire or focus group, or interview guide), pilot study, validity and reliability of the study, ethics, data analysis and limitations of the proposed methodology.

Statswork also enables researchers to lay the groundwork for initiating and executing quantitative and qualitative research. The aim of a research plan is to outline the objectives of research and the steps that would be initiated to (or “intending to”) achieving research objectives. Summing it, in short, our services in research planning would encompass

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Research Methodology Service Features at Statswork

Our Statistics Experts are from the USA & UK. We deliver the work with stringent quality control

Research Methodology: Our Service Features

  • Literature Review
    • Conceptual Framework
    • Theoretical Framework
    • Hypothesis
  • Tools / Instrument Development
    • Psychometrics
  • Research design
  • Research Philosophy
  • Research strategy
  • Power and Sample Size Calculation
  • Data Collection
    • Primary Data collection
      • Quantitative Methods
      • Qualitative Methods
  • Reliability & Validation / Trustworthiness & Credibility
  • Data Analysis Plan
  • Expected outcome

Research Methodology Services at StatsWork

We ensure to deliver what we promise

Only the Best Qualified Statistical Experts, Mathematicians and Engineers

StatsWork team comprised of doctorate and Master’s Degree in statistics and biostatistics. The team is led by researchers from Harvard & Alabama. Our research expertise has rich experience and has sound statistical knowledge including interpretation of statistical reports. Quality is the magic word that drives us. Be it any situation. There are times when we don’t have adequate resources, but it does not have any effect on the quality of work. We offer fast, reasonable and above all dependable. We have a goodwill of our students. That is because we always provide them with authentic and high-quality statistical Services. We provide quality writing services on any subject and offer instant support through direct contact. Thousands of students have benefited from our services, and a lot more are looking forward to establishing a lasting relationship with us.

SPSS / SAS / R / Minitab / STATA Experts 24/7 Support and 365 days

Statswork professional statisticians provide full assistance in you qualitative and qualitative analysis. Our statisticians can assist you to select the best research design for your context. We have a team of statistics and Engineering Experts who can handle both proprietary and open source platforms. We have previously handled, Epi Info, SAS, Dataplot, MacAnova, StatCato, SCaVis, SOFA, MaxStat, STATA, Minitab, Analytica, Statwing, STEM, AlterWind Log Analyzer, CoPlot, ChemStat, Decision Science, Forcast Pro, MATLAB, MedCalc, Magnum Opus, PASS, PolyAnalyst, SigmaPlot, TurboStats, and Tanagra. Our team is trained in a number of areas including sampling, sample size calculation, data processing, and data preparation and planning for statistical development. Our statisticians can help you in data coding to produce results with accuracy.

Confidentiality and Security & 24/7 support

We never divulge the identity of our clients to any third party without their approval. We maintain a database where each order is saved after completion. Neither your teachers nor your friends and classmates will ever get a hint about us. In fact, the way we write your dissertation, it is not possible to guess that a professional writing service has added its touch to it. At Statswork you will always get 100% non-plagiarized (checked against the best anti-plagiarism software). Our statistical approaches have been accepted across global markets, and our experienced professionals can assist to obtain cutting edge outputs for your requirements. To meet our global client requirement, our statistical services offered 24/7 x 365 days’ email support. All new queries are addressed at while existing projects are handled at, and complaints and issues are handled at

Formatting of Tables & Figures according to the Style – NO Copy Pasting of Software Output

We never copy paste the output rather we create our unique tables according to the journal specification. If in case if you have any specific instructions on pasting the software output, we follow your instructions strictly. Secondly, we offer unlimited revisions for the statistical work being committed at an initial stage. We ensure to address feedback or comments given by professor or tutor. Our revision support adheres the guidelines by the professor / supervisor and understands things from the his/her point of view. Finally, services had been recognized by a wide range of universities across the globe, especially in the UK and the US universities. Therefore, you’re assured for the guaranteed quality output and presentation. We ensure that you are entirely assured and satisfied to present your research findings and statistics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services do you provide under Research Methodology?
We provide Research Methodology services
Do you provide a sample work of Research Methodology?
Yes, we offer you Research Methodology sample work that helps to understand our quality of work.
I had completed my 50% of work. Would you assist in completing the rest?
Yes, we can able to finish the rest. However, you need to share complete work, in order to assess the volume of work.
Am I not aware of statistical tools to be applied in my research? Would your experts help me to complete?
Yes, we help you to identify right tool based on your hypothesis and research design.
Do you offer unlimited revisions?
We do offer unlimited revisions for the work being committed.
Would you provide tutoring service for the analysis that you had carried out?
Yes, on special request, we offer online tutoring services

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