Terms and Conditions – statswork

Custom-made Research work

  • We completely research on every topic that we are assigned to and we are not involved in selling any ready-made research work. We educate the client at every stage (if inquired by the client, at separate cost) and the research work that we are committing is to be used as a reference and not to be submitted as it is.
  • Whenever a project is committed, the statistician will be allotted within 24 hours and the work will be started within 48 hours (This may vary for shorter deadline projects. i.e., For projects less than 72 hours, the project will be started within 2 hours of project confirmation). If we have to stop the project and refund the payment, the request must be given within 24 hours of the project confirmation.

Every statistical project committed is assigned a project confirmation code #15xxx000 during which you will be confirmed about the following

  • Title
  • Type of analysis
  • Number of pages/words
  • Deadline/Timeline
  • Payment status

After project confirmation, every mail from you (to either experts 'team or admin team) must have project confirmation code at the subject line to track the same.

  • Any payment details/new additions to existing project must be sent only to admin team (info@statswork.com) mentioning your project confirmation code.
  • Any technical updates/queries/comments/recommendations must be sent only to experts’ team mentioning your project confirmation code and it should not violate the initial commitment in terms of length and requirement. We highly appreciate your cooperation not to send any payment details to experts' team. Our experts team email id is as projects@statswork.com
  • If you require specific formatting and referencing guidelines to be followed for your university/department, you must provide us the same during the project confirmation. It is expected from the client to provide one-time instructions and to stand by that during the course of the project since changed requirements will cost you additionally.


  • During the project confirmation, the client/researcher will be informed about the deliverables clearly. If there is any additional requirement requested from the client/researcher, then the experts team reroute the client to admin team for confirmation. (Refer work flow process)

Payment terms

  • 100% Advance for statistics
  • For Medium Level research work for less than 30,000 words: New write up/Rework - Two Installments: The above statement means, after project confirmation and your first draft is sent to you, if you have any queries/corrections on your first draft, we are open to unlimited revisions. But you are expected to make second installment in parallel to carry on your balance 50% work. Based on the delay in balance payment receipt/ primary data /secondary data / book sources receipt, the timeline will vary for which we are unable to take responsibility.
  • For High level research work for more than 50,000 words: Three installments (40% Advance and balance amount (60%) in two installments for which work will be dispatched accordingly)
  • The client has to take responsibility for extension of timeline if the payment, approval of previously dispatched chapters, primary data delay is on client end.

Payment terms

We strictly stick to the word/page count after a project is confirmed and any changes in the initial requirement will be considered as a new requirement as negotiation in this regard is not entertained. During the project, we analyse the data/book sources as provided by the researcher/client. If there are any changes required in the data, we can definitely do the same but at an additional cost since expertise need to spend additional time on your project. Primary data / Secondary data / Book sources need to be provided by researcher/client which is clearly communicated during the project commitment. Primary data needs to be provided in Excel sheet format or Interview transcripts format. If hard copy of the primary data is provided, then data entry charges apply. If audio recordings files are provided for qualitative analysis, then data conversion charges apply.

After project confirmation is over, if extra pages/words are demanded to add, additional payment applies in accordance with the requirement. Deadline committed, is the number of days/weeks only after we receive the payment confirmation. We provide 24/7 call support at the admin department only and not for the technical department. Any technical calls/calls related to work status can be answered by the expert’s team between 9am to 6pm Indian Standard Timings (IST) only. 24 hours is the minimum timeline to address any minor technical replies whereas for the major technical queries/replies, the timeline/deadline for addressing the major technical replies / queries will be informed to you within 24 hours.

With prior appointments on both sides, a conference call may be arranged with experts regarding any updates on project details.

  • Conference call arrangement will be arranged only between 9am - 6pm (Indian Standard Time -IST) on weekdays (Monday to Friday) based on expertise availability
  • During the conference call, the project coordinator who is allotted to your project will mediate your call
  • No details related to personal/payment should be discussed, on account of which the call will be immediately disconnected
  • After a conference call, an email will be sent to you stating the information which is understood / conveyed over the phone. This has to be confirmed by the client/researcher without which the conference call details will not be considered as a valid point for future reference
  • We are unable to arrange for the conference call for PowerPoint Presentation, Editing, Plagiarism correction, Formatting and referencing, Manuscript/Conference paper
  • Projects on Individual chapters – 10 minutes (for the entire project)
  • The timeline mentioned above is to inform the client/researcher that the expertise can be made available on request and within the stipulated timeline, the con. Call is expected to complete. Further if any requests made from the researcher/client for con. call / Direct meeting, there is an additional payment applies.

Rework/Feedback on projects

  • Every project is committed between the client/Researcher and StatsWork/Academic support and not with Third party who may include, but not limited to, the clients' university / guide / supervisor / department / Journal. So any revision request from client end within the specified time will be addressed as per the commitment. Once the project is completed, any changes/comments/feedback in the requirement will be considered as a new requirement.
  • Once the project files are dispatched, we will be wait for feedback/comments (if any) from the client/researcher up to Seven (7) days. On the eighth (8th) day, the client/researcher will be requested formally to get back to us for any minor modifications. Any major modifications will be considered as a new/additional request from this Eighth day. After the timeline mentioned above, the client will be informed about the formal closure of the project from the team.
  • However, StatsWork will not be able to take the responsibility in addressing your supervisor / guide / department / reviewer comments after the timeline committed.
    • For Assignment/Research Proposal/Course work statistics: From the date of dispatch, we are open to unlimited revisions up to 7 days.
    • For Masters Dissertation statistics: 15 days from the dates of final file dispatch unlimited revisions for Masters up to 15 days and 30 days for Ph.D..
    • From 15th day, any project will be considered as officially closed and any modifications irrespective of whether minor or major revisions will be considered as new requirement for which the following payment pattern applies.
Period of revisionsPayment terms
Within 15 days from the date of final dispatch Free (only for minor modifications)
Between 15-30 days from the date of final dispatch 10% of the payment committed
Between 30-45 days from the date of final dispatch 25% of the payment committed
Up to 60 days from the date of final dispatch 50% of the payment committed
Above 60 days from the date of final dispatch Will be considered as a new requirement

Work flow process

  • Researcher (Individual, Student, Scholar, Faculty and Entrepreneur) and Company/Organization - StatsWork refers ‘Client’ as any or all the above said terms who confirms their project with us.
  • ‘Project’ means the writing/editing/analytical work/illustrative tasks that are committed between client and StatsWork.
  • StatsWork consists of two separate departments where
  • Each client is received, discussed and analyzed about their requirement, fixing the commitment, negotiation in the commitment and the projects are confirmed at ‘Information’ department or ‘admin department’ (info@statswork.com). Any queries as follows, but not limited to, such as
    • Title, Type of work
    • Project cost
    • Payment modes and Currency conversion
    • Balance payment procedure / Installment payment procedure
    • Payment receipt / Non-receipt status / Payment Acknowledgement status
    • Additional project requirement (in terms of word count for content development, editing and proofreading, plagiarism correction, formatting and referencing, Data addition, data change, data creation, illustration/artwork services)
    • Additional service requirement (Extension of deadline, Earlier dispatch, extension of timeline for feedback/comments, Extension of timeline for publications) Additional Requirements / Attachments / Guidelines / Instructions (other than the initial commitment)
    • Primary data (in excel sheet format / as interview transcripts format) / Secondary data / Supporting book sources (other than the initial commitment) Refund

    are to be discussed only with the admin department or information department at info@statswork.com and not with the expert’s team or guidance department.

    Once the project is confirmed by the admin team, the project details will be sent to guidance team or experts’ team where a dedicated project coordinator is allotted to each project. The Project coordinator’s contact details (such as email ID, contact No) will be provided to the client. Any queries which are as follows will be addressed by the expert’s team or guidance team (projects@statswork.com) , but not limited to, such as

    • Technical discussion (including project outline, draft documents, plagiarism-related queries, deadlines)
    • Feedback or comments within the commitment
    • Conference call / Direct meeting arrangement
    • Justification for the work provided
    • Outline / Table of contents / Technical queries / replies
    • Free reference articles (paid reference article links)
    This intersection is made in order to ease the client in terms of
    • 100% confidentiality of client’s personal details, payment details, project works, copyrights of research works
    • Clear understanding of project commitment, deliverables, process flow about the additional requirement other than the commitment

    Complaints or Issues

    Any compliant or issues can be addressed to support@statswork.com

    Refund Policy

    As per our refund policy, we assess all requests on a case-to-case basis to understand the reasons for a refund request. Please note that we may require a documented proof from your side as to why the refund request is made. Your request for refund will be processed as per these Terms within the Refund Period.

    1. We will refund 100% of the payment made in the following cases:

    • The Project has not been assigned to a Writer. After confirmation, the project will be assigned to a Writer within 4 hours. So, before it gets assigned to the Writer, you can cancel your project and get a full refund.
    • The Project has been confirmed and not started. You can cancel your project and get a refund within 2 hours of project confirmation.

    2. No refund is possible in the following cases:

    After starting the project:
    • In case if the project has been assigned to the Writer and the work is in progress, no refund will be issued.
    • In case if the writer has started the project and the committed hours are already released to the writer, no refund will be issued. This is because the writer who is working on your project should get compensation for the work.
    After completion of the project:
    • We have qualified experts well equipped to meet your specific requirement, we are always eager to support you with your project.
    • In case if the writer has completed paper, no refund will be issued
    • After getting the complete work, you will not be able to raise for refund; however, we provide unlimited revisions based on your instructor’s feedback

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