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Questionnaire Development

Most scholars struggle to develop questionnaire as it is a cumbersome process. Before using the questionnaire for any research, questionnaire need to be pilot tested, validated, and checked for its reliability. In addition, questionnaire should be developed based on how the responses will be analysed to answer the related research questions or how to account for non-returns from a mailed questionnaire.

At Statswork, we assist you in developing questionnaire – Open ended, closed ended, Objective questionnaire, structured and unstructured questionnaire, focus group guide, interview guide for all your research work. Response categories of questionnaire include Use of Likert Scale, Category proliferation, Ranking, etc. Statistical consideration should be based on questionnaire type.

Questionnaire for

  • Market Scales
  • Leadership questionnaire (style of leadership)
  • Business research questionnaire
  • Buying behaviour questionnaire
  • Product trait/ product image questionnaire
  • Food Frequency Questionnaire
  • 24-hr recall
  • Physical activity questionnaire
  • Epidemiological survey questionnaire
  • Satiety questionnaire
  • Psychology related questionnaires

In Master's / PhD dissertation questionnaire development is an important step as it decides the study outcome. Before developing a questionnaire, the below guidelines should be followed strictly for the better outcome.

  • Do not develop a questionnaire when there are questionnaires already available.
  • Hunt for already developed and validated questionnaire which will ease your process.
  • Questionnaire must be understandable and readable
  • Start with general such as socio demographic characteristics, followed by specific.
  • Design draft questionnaire and distribute to the expertise for face and content validity.
  • Pre-test the questionnaire before pilot study
  • Use simple language and appropriate for that particular population
  • Avoid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and double negatives options
  • Use Likert Type Scale Response Anchors

At Statswork, we help you in the questionnaire development, reliability and validation process. Our expertise have rich experience in developing questionnaire using scales, questions for interview guide, focus group discussion, structured and unstructured questionnaire, open and closed format, matrix and contingency questions. We have trained expertise exclusively for questionnaire development and research framework.

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