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    • I got Unit root test, Ordinary least square test and vector error correction model. it was done very well and i appreciate the effort and timely coordination from statswork as i was on a tight deadline. thank you! Jacob Ethan
    • I approached statswork team for my managment study for reliability analysis and factor analysis. besides they also validated my model with SEM analysis and also suggested that i do a regression and correlation analysis as well to further sibstantiate study. A cluster analysis was also done and my supervisors graded me excellent. i am ever grateful for their awesome work and suggestions which made my study better Lopezh Khatri
    • i had come with my medical paper for analysis. I needed help with chi square test, ANOVA, t test and binary logistic regression. The statswork team did a wonderful job in analyzing my data the way I needed it. hats off to them Eva Daniel

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    Survey on learning styles and emotional intelligence of the adult learner

    About the statistic
    This statistic describes the relationship between between learning style of performance as measured by four mediation abilities of the Honey and Mumford’s Learning Style and the four branches of emotional intelligence of the Wong Emotional intelligence scale and also whether demographic status, performance and choice of program mediates the relationship between learning style and emotional intelligence of students. The structural equation model showed that learning style predicts emotional intelligence and the results showed acceptable fit on these measures, chi-square, GFI, AGFI, CFI, RMSEA and RMR. Overall findings indicated that Honey and Mumford, as a measure of learning style predicted emotional intelligence among students in Chennai, India and thus accomplished the purpose for which it was designed. Therefore, the instrument can and should be used to examine independent constructs.

    Relationship between NT-proBNP and the severity of subaortic stenosis

    About the statistic
    This statistic describes the relationship between levels of NT-proBNP and the severity of subaortic stenosis (the severity is determined by the pressure gradient across the left ventricular outflow tract), other clinical findings and different echocardiographic measurements using Karl-Pearson correlation. To compare the levels of NT-proBNP between healthy, SAS and CHF & increased NP using Mann-Whitney U-test.

    Survey on Development of Blended learning based on the perceptions of students and faculty at HEI in sultanate of oman.

    About the statistic
    This statistic describes the basic statistical test and also based on the hypotheses correlation, linear regression and mediation analysis using Sobel test has been performed.

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