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Pilot Study


Pilot study

At the concluding phase of the explanatory study method, a sample investigation was carried out. The survey questionnaire should be assessed by way of the sample research prior to being executed amongst the populace (Saunders et al., 2003). The chief intent of the sample study is to guarantee that participants are not subjected to difficulties during the investigation. The questionnaire prior to being employed for gathering information could be enhanced utilizing the findings got from the sample or pilot study. Sample research further offers the authenticity for the questionnaire to be employed (Saunders et al., 2003).

The sample study of the questionnaire was undertaken. So as to conclude the sample study for a questionnaire, at least ten respondents are needed (Fink, 2003). The respondents were interrogated on the features stated below:

  • Clarity of the queries (Fink, 2003)
  • Relevance of the queries (Fink, 2003)
  • Overall design of the entire questionnaire (Bell, 2005)
  • Time required to finish the questionnaire (Bell, 2005)

The questionnaire was modified by the investigator by way of the comments received at the conclusion of the study method by the respondents, but the queries drafted were not changed. Alterations were made pertaining to the length of the questionnaire like changing the font size and line spacing.

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