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Quantitative data deals with numbers and which can be measured. For ex. collecting information about a person’s health characteristics such as actual height and weight is considered as the quantitative data. The quantitative data also denotes the secondary data i.e., bank financial statements, company reports, stock market data and many more. Also numbers can be used to represent certain features. For example, research of students’ attitude toward analytic skills may include the following scale items such as Poor, Average, Good and Excellent. Likert scale is used in most of the questionnaire which may include 1-5 range or 1-7 range or 1-10 range as well.

What Statistical consultation Services we offer at quantitative data collection?

Once you created the questionnaire for quantitative data collection according to your objective of the study, you can get in touch with us with the questionnaire, target population, mode of data collection such as offline or online. We analyze the requirements and give you the best possible price quote for quantitative data collection as per your request.

What you will get when you order for Quantitative Data collection consultation services at Stats work: Our Service description
Level 1: Questionnaire No. of Pages: 5 Pages* Level 2: Questionnaire with data collection Level 3: Complete Report Writing No. of Pages: 50 Pages
We will provide only the questionnaire based on your requirement. We will give questionnaire along with data. This would be structured report where introduction, characteristics of the studies, analysis output and interpretation and conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which situation quantitative research appropriate?
If you would like to ascertain the respondents’ heart and mind feelings about particular things, then you must use the questionnaire data collection.
In which subjects do you provide quantitative data collection?
We accept orders from a wide range of subjects which include Business Management, Economics, Epidemiology, Public Health, Life Science, and Nutrition
What Information that I need to provide while ordering for quantitative data collection consultation services
You need to provide the questionnaire developed, target population, sample size, expected turn-around-time and the mode of collection such as online or offline based on which we can customize the pricing structure. You can reach us at +91 8754446690 or or through our LinkedIn.

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