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Uniqueness: Desire For Unique Consumer Products: Ducp

The Desire for Unique Consumer Products (DUCP) measures the extent to which consumers hold as a personal goal the acquisition and possession of consumer goods, services, and experiences that few others possess.

The main components are,

  • Scarce,
  • Innovative
  • Customized
  • Outmoded


Lynn, Michael, and Judy Harris

Reliability and Validity

The validity of the measure was first assessed by measuring its relationship with theoretically related personality scales.

The scale consists of eight items designed to load on a single factor. Each item was operation­ alized using a 5-place bipolar scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Item scores are summed to create the DUCP score.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

Stats work composed of a team of professional statisticians which can obliged the professional or student researcher in support to fill the survey instrument, gathering the information, organising the analysis and describing the results.

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