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Purchasing Involvement: PI (Slama and Tashchian 1985)


It is deemed that the purchasing involvement of consumers affect their decision making process. In this regard, the PI scale devised by Slama and Tashchian (1985) comprise of 33 items defined based on 6-point likert basis. The overall PI score is calculated by summing up all the items wherein the scale scores range between 33 and 198.


Salma, M.E. and Tashchian, A

Reliability and Validity:

Coefficient alpha for internal consistency and test-retest reliability are conducted. Convergent and discriminant validity of the scale were assessed via a multitrait-multimethod analysis. The correlations between the PI, measures of religious involvement, measures of automobile involvement, and other measures of purchasing involvement indicated that the PI had adequate levels of convergent and discriminant validity.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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