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Need for Cognition: NFC (Cacioppo and Petty 1982)


The scale of Need for Cognition: NFC postulated by Cacioppo and Petty (1982) is a multidimensional measure using a 9-point Likert scale. The original scale covered 34 items and each ranging from -4 very strong Disagreement to +4 very strong agreement. The scale was mainly used in consumer research in examining the effects of persuasive arguments.

The authors state

" NFC instrument of assessment that measures quantitatively as the capacity for an individual to engage in and enjoy thinking "


Cacioppo, John T.; Petty, Richard E.

Reliability and Validity

  • Correlations with intelligence (r = .39)
  • Social desirability (r = .08)
  • Dogmatism (r = -.27)

Obtaining the NFC

Texas Tech University Press

The author expressed their perception in following, with regards to NFC scale.

Researchers may utilise the scale of Need for Cognition: NFC (Cacioppo and Petty 1982) in any proper published source.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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