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Interpersonal Orientation: CAD Scale (Cohen 1967)

The Scale of Interpersonal Orientation: CAD postulated by Cohen (1967) from the work of Horney's (1945) of interpersonal response traits useful in predicting a broad range of product purchase decisions by using a 6-point Likert scale items. The scale covers 35 items and three factor scale. The items were labelled from extremely undesirable to extremely desirable and it was especially made to measure the following components:

  • Compliant interpersonal orientations
  • Aggressive interpersonal orientations
  • Detached interpersonal orientations

All the three components contain items which more specific to measure interpersonal orientation.

The authors spotlighted that:

An instrument that was mainly designed to explore the interpersonal orientations helpful in explaining and predicting consumer behaviour "


Cohen, Joel B.

Reliability and Validity

  • Compliant Scale .724
  • Aggressive Scale .680
  • Detached Scale .514

Obtaining the CAD

University of Florida The author expressed their perception in following, with regards to CAD scale. Researchers may utilise the scale of Interpersonal Orientation: CAD Scale (Cohen 1967) in any proper published source.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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