Innovativeness Factors: Factor Analysis Of Leavitt And Walton's Items - Statswork

Vanity: Trait aspects of Vanity (Netemeyer, Burton and Lichtenstein 1995)

The innovativeness factors are,

  • New Is Wasteful
  • Social Desirability
  • Novelty Seeking
  • Risk Aversion
  • Style Consciousness
  • Satisfaction With Status Quo
  • Other Directedness

Many of these items are not part of the scale published by Leavitt and Walton. Apparently, several of these items (particularly the social desirability items) come from an earlier version (possibly itemgeneration stage) of their scale. In the Craig and Ginter article, item 2 of the "new is wasteful" factor loaded negatively, items 1 and 3 of the "risk aversion" factor loaded negatively on that factor, and item 2 of the "style consciousness" loaded negatively on that factor (Craig and Ginter 1975, pp. 557-558).


Craig and Ginter 1975

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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Each statement is evaluated in terms of "how well it fits the respondent's own views." The 5-place scales associated with each statement are labeled as follows: 1, not well at all; 2, not very well; 3, fairly well; 4, very well; and 5, extremely well. In the original form, item scores are summed to form an overall index. Both positively and negatively worded statements along with several social desirability filler items can be included in each form.

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