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Informational And Transformational Ad Content


An informational advertisement was defined as an ad that provides consumers with factual, relevant brand data in a clear and logical manner such that they have greater confidence in their ability to assess the merits of buying the brand after having seen the advertisement. It must reflect the following characteristics:

  • present factual, relevant information about the brand
  • present information which is immediately and obviously important to the potential consumer;
  • present data which the consumer accepts as being verifiable.
  • Advertisements can be classified as belonging to one of four basic categories:
  • high transformational/low information,
  • low transformational/high information,
  • high transformational/high information, and (d) low transformational/low information
  • (Puto and Wells 1984, p. 638).


(Puto and Wells 1984)


the mean information and transformation scores for the first advertisement (i.e., an informational toothbrush advertisement) were 4.00 (SD = .69) and 3.08 {SD = .70).

Reliability and validity

Advertisements were .73 and .88 for the information and transformation scales.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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