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Feelings Toward Ads


Feelings toward the ad are felt to be composed of both positive affective feelings toward a given ad and negative affective feelings toward a given ad. Furthermore, positive affective feelings are composed of "warm" and "upbeat" feelings toward the ad. These feelings affect both attitude toward the ad and attitude toward the brand (Edell and Burke 1987).


A pool of 169 feelings (items) gleaned from previous research served as the initial pool of items (Wells 1964; Wells, Leavitt, and McConville 1971). Sixty subjects viewed 16 TV ads in a theater setting. The 16 ads were selected to represent a variety of products and executional styles.


In the first study, a sample of 29 people was used, and in the second study, a sample of 32 people was used. Both samples were obtained via announcements on a university campus.


(Edell and Burke 1987)

Reliability and validity

In the first study, factor analysis retained 65 of the 69 items. Three factors were retained from the factor analysis. Coefficient alpha estimates for the three factors were .98, .96, and .93 for the upbeat, negative, and warm feelings factors, respectively.

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