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Fashion Leadership

Fashion leaders are much concerned about the new fashions and buy the product soon it introduced in the market. The evaluation of fashion leadership is analyzed by Goldsmith, Freiden, and Kilsheimer 1993 under the topic of fashion leadership. Major key factors involved in fashion and fashion information are examined using 5-point Linkert scale ranges from disagree to agree.

The major source components selected in this research are:

  • Aware of new product
  • Urge to be a fashion leader
  • Need to be a fashion leader
  • Confident in recognizing fashion trends
  • Importance of clothing in fashion
  • Not interest in fashion-related things

The evaluation of fashion leaders is examined with 136 women in medium-size MSA of US and 115 women of educated classes from the UK.


Goldsmith, Freiden, and Kilsheimer 1993

Reliability and Validity

In the US among 6 components five were examined and findings are:
  • Alpha value using factor analysis = .85
  • Sample Mean in US = 14.1
  • Standard Deviation in US = 3.8
  • Median = 13
In the case of UK, all 6 factors have been evaluated, and its findings are:
  • Alpha value using factor analysis = .74
  • Sample Mean in US = 12.4
  • Standard Deviation in US = 3.0
  • Median = 12

Obtaining the CATH

Goldsmith, Ronald E., Jon B. Freiden, and Jacqueline C. Kilsheimer. (1993). "Social Values and Female Fashion Leadership: A Cross-Cultural Study." Psychology & Marketing, 10, 399-412.

Administration, Analysis, and Reporting

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