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Ethics Improving Evaluations of Business Ethics (Reidenbach and Robin 1990)

The Components of Attitudes towards Ethics improving evaluations of business ethics The Scale compromises eight semantic differential items distributed across three factors as follow: Moral equity, four items (b) relativistic, two items and (c) contractulaism, two items. Each items is operationalized using 7-place bipolar sacles.Item scores can be summed within factors to form factors indices or overall for an overall measures to ethic


Reidenbach and Robin

Reliability and Validity

Factor analysis of the final survey of business managers replicated the anticipated fac-tor structure. In addition, the three-factor solution explained an average of 79% of the variance across the three scenarios. Based on the responses from reaction to three sce¬narios, a multitrait-multicontext analysis provided some correlational evidence of con¬vergent and discriminant validity. These analyses revealed that the intercorrelations among factors were generally within the 0.20 to 0.40 range. The subscale reliabilities ranged from 0.71 to 0.92.

The subscales were also correlated with single-item measures of overall perceptions of the ethical nature of the behavior and a measure of behavioral intentions. For the for¬mer, the subscales explained an average of 72% of the variance, and for the latter, the subscales explained an average of 34% of the variance. The multiple-item scales were also found to be better predictors of intentions than the single-item, overall measure. Thus, evidence of predictive validity was found.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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