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Enduring Involvement Index (Bloch, Schrell, and Ridgway 1986)


Bloch, Schrell, and Ridgway (1986) claim Recreational or hedonic motives are more significant than practical, informational motives. To investigate the consequences and antecedents of search, involvement is seen as a character of endurance wherein continuing interests are represented rather than the temporary interest on a product based on the purchase requirements. The EII index is hence devised which comprises of five items wherein the first three items are used to assess product category importance to the career and social life of individuals. The first three items are measured using a 7-point scale which has points from not important to extremely important. The fourth item that will be used is based on interests ranging from not at all interested to very interested. The fifth item is a though item which is based on 5-point scale from never or almost never to very frequently. All the three groups are summed together to acquire the importance index.


Bloch, Peter H., Daniel L. Sherrell and Nancy Ridgway

Reliability and Validity:

Coefficient alpha estimates of internal consistency offers evidence of nomological validity.

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