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Country Of Origin Scale


The construct of this country of origin (CO) scale was (Pisharodi .M. R. and Parameswaran. R 1993). It is an undimensional and reliable measures scale. To assess the unidimensionality of the CO scale used in this research, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was employed. The three constructs of the undimensional scale are

  • GCA (General Country Attribute)
  • GPA (General Product Attribute) and
  • SPA (Specific Product Attribute)

The four dimensions of the construct's domain are

The data obtained was analyzed using the goodness of fit model using LISREL 7 and ITAN


Pisharodi .M. R. and Parameswaran. R (1993).

Reliability and Validity:

  • For the factor modification indices
  • Within factor = 2.58 cut off value
  • Within factor modification indices = 3.58 cut off
  • The Standard core coefficient alpha are
  • GCA = 0.829
  • GPA = 0.847
  • SPA = 0.763

Obtaining the CATH:

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