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Consumer Involvement Profiles


Involvement of consumers is considered as a multifaceted construct wherein Laurent and Kapferer (1985) have considered five different construct which include perceived importance and risk of product class, subjective probability of making a mispurchase, the symbolic or attributed sign value, hedonic value of product class and interest.

The scale development procedures roots from the psychometric literature wherein a 5-point likert scale is selected and 16 statements were employed in the scale. Five facets are measured in the CIP scale.


Jean-Noel Kapferer and Gilles Laurent

Reliability and Validity:

Coefficient alpha and test-retest are not reported. However, factor loading pattern suggested the all the factors of CP possessed convergent, content and discriminant validity.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

Statswork comprises a team of professional statisticians which can obliged the professional or student researcher in support to fill the survey instrument, gathering the information, organising the analysis and describing the results.

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