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Cognitive and Sensory Innovativeness

Cognitive (sensory) innovativeness is the preference for engaging in new experiences with the objective of stimulating the mind (senses). Sensory innovators enjoy fantasy and daydreaming and adventurous activities such as skydiving. The components are


Venkatraman, Meera P., and Linda L. Price

Reliability and Validity

The alpha coefficients of reliability for this study were .64 and .70 for the cognitive and sensory scales, respectively. A second validity study (n = 245) was conducted to demonstrate that cognitive and sensory innovators differ in their responses to innovations and demographically. The final form of the measure(s) includes eight items for both the cognitive and sensory innovativeness scales. Each scale also includes four internal and four external items. The scores are computed by averaging the scores across the internal and external items within each scale

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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