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Automobile involvement: IPCA (Bloch 1981)


The concept ‘product involvement is perceived as a long term interest in a product based on the product’s core centrality to needs, self-concept and values. However, it was Bloch (1981) who conceptualized the use of product involvement as a construct that would ultimately affect the behaviour of consumers which varies from individual to individual. In this regard, a measurement scale was proposed which is used to measure the involvement of consumers towards automobiles. The scale consists of six factors and uses a 17 point Likert scale. Following are the factors

  • Driving enjoyment and usage of automobiles
  • Consumers’ readiness to talk about cars
  • Consumers’ attachment towards cars
  • Consumers’ interests towards racing
  • self-expression through one’s car
  • Consumer’s interest in cars


Peter H. Bloch

Reliability and Validity:

Coefficient alpha internal consistency: 0.83 and 0.79 and re-test reliability of 0.78 Correlating IPC with measures such as purchasing name brand auto supplies, visiting automobile dealers, attending car races and performing car repairs were 0.40, 0.36, 0.36, and 0.28 respectively.

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