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Alienation Consumer Alienation From The Market place Allison 1978


The researcher reports the test development to quantity the alienation from the marketplace based on psychometric principles. The outcomes suggest that a reliable and valid measure has been constructed. The consumer alienation scale was found to be one-dimensional rather than consisting of identifiable subscales.

Allison (1978) developed a scale to clearly measure consumer alienation. The scale was established through a multi-stage process to guarantee the development of a valid, reliable instrument. Allison (1978) began by conceptualizing consumer alienation on 27 JOURNALS OF BUSINESS INQUIRY 2010 the basis of four constructs

  • Powerlessness,
  • Normlessness,
  • Social isolation,
  • Self-estrangement

The estimated four-factor structure did not hold, so consumer alienation was re-conceptualized as an one-dimensional construct and redefined as “feelings of separation from the norms and values of the marketplace. Such a state includes a lack of acceptance of or identification with market institutions, practices, and outputs as well as feelings of separation from self when one is involved in the consumption role”


The SDI is a three-item scale where the items are scored on 6-point scales ranging from definitely disagree to definitely agree. Item scores are summed to form an overall SDI index that can range from 3 to 18.

Finally, each items constructed through 22 statements comes under the three factors includes

  • BE – Business ethics
  • IC – Informed choice
  • PN – Personal norm




The 3-week test and retest reliability correlation was 0.75. A series of correlation and mean difference tests was used to examine the validity of the scale. The correlation between the 35-item consumer alienation scale and a general measure of social alienation was 0.61 (p c 0.01). The correlation between the consumer alienation scale and a measure of belief in government intervention was 0.45 (p c 0.01). A series of mean difference tests across ethnic and income groups also supported the validity of the scale.

Obtaining the Alienation: Consumer Alienation from the marketplace

The author states the following, in reference to using the: Obtaining the Alienation: Consumer Alienation from the marketplace
Researchers who wish to use the Alienation: Consumer Alienation from the marketplace (Allison 1978) may do so. I ask only that the reference for these measures be reported in any published document and that the researchers send me basic psychometric data (e.g., means, standard deviations, alphas, correlations with other measures) for the measure based on their sample.

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