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Adaptive selling: ADAPTS


A 16-item ADAPTS scale was developed by Rosann L. Spiro and Barton A. Weitz in 1990 to measure the degree to which salespeople practice adaptive selling. A paper and pencil methods was used to assess the self-reports of 5 facets of adaptive selling which are

  • Recognition that different sales approaches are needed for different customers,
  • Confidence in ability to use a variety of approaches
  • Confidence in ability to alter approach during an interaction
  • Collection of information to facilitate adaptation and
  • Actual use of different approaches


Rosann L. Spiro and Barton A. Weitz (1990)

Reliability and Validity:

  • The mean response for the scale (sum divided by number of items) is 5.51
  • The standard deviation is .66 and
  • The Cronbach alpha is .85
  • Nomological Validity was made and simple correlation between ADAPTS and the measures of intrinsic motivation, personality, experience, performance and management style was made.

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Indiana University and the University of Florida

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