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Quantitative Data


Drivers behind digital transformation of the banks

1. What are the current drivers of the digital transformation of the UK banks? And what are the opportunities does digital transformation creates for the business today?
IT manager Over the decades we experienced an unpredicted global market place changes, which has greatly influenced the banking and financial sectors. However, I feel that these changes have enhanced the oversight over the regulatory and more technology dependent. Changing to digital epoch will not only allow the customer to stay connected, but also the other stakeholders [IT001]. We believe that Customer engagement strengthens and revamps the capital market’s growth and enhancement of financial services, implementation of these has created new innovative produces that has transformed the customer experience [IT002].
CEO In the rapidly changing business area I always demand for a efficiency gains and cost savings legacy processes that reduces the market risk and instability, which I believe a that it allows us to enables straight-through and low-risk processes. Fostering digital skills in the current marketplace will increase the in flow of revenues and automate the process with new business models.
HR manager In the ready to access information has resulted in Higher consumer expectations and this digital transformation embraced the customer credit by allowing themselves involve with interactive application through mobiles, tablets and other user interactive devices.
2. How do you deal with such challenges and what kind of transformation that Indian IT service firm undergo?
IT manager Even though this transformation has facilitated the compliance’s regulatory and boosted our productivity, we find difficult to delighting customers and identify our future customers [IT001]. I think accelerating the digital strategic models remains as key challenge and these allow the firm to change their firm strategy based on Ignite digital strategy, Multichannel strategy and Accelerate digital strategy, these strategies are identified to anchor the organization flexibility and development of innovative and interactive services[IT002].

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