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OSS adoption yield positive results:

The usage of Linux (RedHat) initially was resisted due to lack of in house trained people to support later the cost benefit and easy maintenance few clients had adopted OSS

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Linux (RedHat) - Setting up web and application servers on Linux OS. It was a new installation and client did not have any one in house well trained to maintain it, so there was resistance. Slowly but eventually due to cost benefit and ease of maintenance, the client went ahead with the adoption”

The usage of OSS like Redhat Linux and Jboss Application Server reduction of licensing issues from softwares like Microsoft and other vendors such as Websphere and weblogic was greatly helpful in avoiding hassles.

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Usage of Redhat Linux and Jboss Application Server has reduced the hassles of licensing issues from Microsoft and other vendors such as Websphere and weblogic... Same applies for mysql database instead of Oracle,”

Each software in Open source have their own advantages such as Apache Tomcat is easy to download and easy to use on all the platforms, Struts Framework has been used in proprietary software to implement MVC process, Eclipse toolkit was used for IBM’s Rational Application Developer as a platform to develop,

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