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We guide students and researchers in designing their study, data analysis, and interpretation. The purpose is to provide prompt, reliable and understandable information about data analysis.

Statswork offers Tutoring services with utmost care

Online Tutoring is done by the qualified and experienced experts including retired professionals, adjuncts, real time faculties and professors across the world.

One-on-One Tutoring and Group Session in student’s environment

You can notice substantial improvement both in academic grade and in general intellectual capability

Experts at Statswork assist researchers in tutoring services. Tutoring service help students / scholars develop self-confidence, skills and strategies to assists in becoming independent, active learners in their academic work.

Online Tutoring Service at Statswork

Statswork offers online tutoring support for students across the world. Our experts are consisting of retired professionals, adjuncts, real time faculties / professors. Through our online tutoring service, you will notice substantial improvement in their academic grade and also general intellectual capability. Our tutoring is convenient and private with focused approach, where we offer one-on-one tutoring and group session in student’s environment.

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Tutoring Service Features at Statswork

Our Statistics Experts are from the USA & UK. We deliver the work with stringent quality control

One-on-one Tutoring

The dissertation Topics are selected based on the research gap and future recommendations proposed by previous researchers

Group Sessions

The Aim and research objectives proposed which would be developed based on the detailed literature review and industry

We Help Elementary, Middle, High School or University Level

Literature review would be key in your dissertation therefore we provide recent articles published in the proposed area and gaps identified and proposed methodology which would also cove

Tailor our Specific Service to student specific needs

We also teach to students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders

We help

Problem solving, homework skills, time management, self-confidence, exam preparation and much more in the proposed area and gaps identified and proposed methodology which would also cover

Tutoring Services at Statswork

We ensure to deliver what we promise

Only the Best Qualified Statistical Experts, Mathematicians and Engineers

StatsWork team comprised of doctorate and Master’s Degree in statistics and biostatistics. The team is led by researchers from Harvard & Alabama. Our research expertise has rich experience and has sound statistical knowledge including interpretation of statistical reports. Quality is the magic word that drives us. Be it any situation. There are times when we don’t have adequate resources, but it does not have any effect on the quality of work. We offer fast, reasonable and above all dependable. We have a goodwill of our students. That is because we always provide them with authentic and high-quality statistical Services. We provide quality writing services on any subject and offer instant support through direct contact. Thousands of students have benefited from our services, and a lot more are looking forward to establishing a lasting relationship with us.

SPSS / SAS / R / Minitab / STATA Experts 24/7 Support and 365 days

Statswork professional statisticians provide full assistance in you qualitative and qualitative analysis. Our statisticians can assist you to select the best research design for your context. We have a team of statistics and Engineering Experts who can handle both proprietary and open source platforms. We have previously handled, Epi Info, SAS, Dataplot, MacAnova, StatCato, SCaVis, SOFA, MaxStat, STATA, Minitab, Analytica, Statwing, STEM, AlterWind Log Analyzer, CoPlot, ChemStat, Decision Science, Forcast Pro, MATLAB, MedCalc, Magnum Opus, PASS, PolyAnalyst, SigmaPlot, TurboStats, and Tanagra. Our team is trained in a number of areas including sampling, sample size calculation, data processing, and data preparation and planning for statistical development. Our statisticians can help you in data coding to produce results with accuracy.

Confidentiality and Security & 24/7 support

We never divulge the identity of our clients to any third party without their approval. We maintain a database where each order is saved after completion. Neither your teachers nor your friends and classmates will ever get a hint about us. In fact, the way we write your dissertation, it is not possible to guess that a professional writing service has added its touch to it. At Statswork you will always get 100% non-plagiarized (checked against the best anti-plagiarism software). Our statistical approaches have been accepted across global markets, and our experienced professionals can assist to obtain cutting edge outputs for your requirements. To meet our global client requirement, our statistical services offered 24/7 x 365 days’ email support. All new queries are addressed at while existing projects are handled at, and complaints and issues are handled at

Formatting of Tables & Figures according to the Style – NO Copy Pasting of Software Output

We never copy paste the output rather we create our unique tables according to the journal specification. If in case if you have any specific instructions on pasting the software output, we follow your instructions strictly. Secondly, we offer unlimited revisions for the statistical work being committed at an initial stage. We ensure to address feedback or comments given by professor or tutor. Our revision support adheres the guidelines by the professor / supervisor and understands things from the his/her point of view. Finally, services had been recognized by a wide range of universities across the globe, especially in the UK and the US universities. Therefore, you’re assured for the guaranteed quality output and presentation. We ensure that you are entirely assured and satisfied to present your research findings and statistics.

What our customer says about Statswork

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    Thank you! For giving the best conceptualization and explanation on working with the top statistics tools such as SPSS, SAS, Stata and more. The statistician tutor you appointed was excellent. He guides me more carefully to understand each thing. - Elmelki A., Queensland, Australia
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    I appreciate your best support. The tutors delivered by Statswork build my confidence and self-esteem. As simply, the team support is excellent. - Walker Q., Victoria St, Singapore
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    Machine learning: I found struggle in developing the machine learning algorithm for my research work. So my friend referred me to Although my requirement was moderate level but their output was PhD level. I am very much satisfied with their fast, reasonable and above all dependable quality of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services do you provide under Statistical Tutoring/Training?
We provide Statistical Tutoring/Training services such as in-house tutoring, group session, one-on-one tutoring, online tutoring and statistics/analytics certificate courses and research methodology courses training.
Do you provide a sample work of Statistical Tutoring/Training services?
Yes, we offer you Statistical Tutoring/Training services sample work that helps to understand our quality of work.
I had completed my 50% of work. Would you assist in completing the rest?
Yes, we can able to finish the rest. However, you need to share complete work, in order to assess the volume of work.
Am I not aware of statistical tools to be applied in my research? Would your experts help me to complete?
Yes, we help you to identify right tool based on your hypothesis and research design.
Do you offer unlimited revisions?
We do offer unlimited revisions for the work being committed.
Would you provide tutoring service for the analysis that you had carried out?
Yes, on special request, we offer online tutoring services

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