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Marketing Research: Use Of Market Research: USER (Menon and Wilcox 1994)

Research use is conceptualized initially as action-oriented use, knowledge-enhancing use, and affective use the scale is designed to assess firms' use of market research studies in making policy and strategy decisions, developing knowledge, promoting organizational learning, and improving organizational confidence. The scale also for final model of research use employed to guide scale development contained six second-order factors:

  • Congruous use
  • Incongruous use
  • Cynical use
  • Positive use
  • Process use
  • Product use


The final scale consists of 18 items, with three items representing indicators for each of the six factors. The items are operationalized using a response format ranging from 0 = not at all to 5 = to a great extent. The items refer to usefulness of individual research projects.


Menon and Wilcox

Reliability and Validity

The second study (n = 203) was also intended to provide other evidence of validity. Correlations between the six factors based on the 30-item scale and a series of related constructs were offered as evidence of convergent, discriminant, and nomological validity. For example, greater appropriate use of research is associated with greater quality of the project, and the product facet relates most strongly to a measure of global knowledge enhancement. These results and others are summarized by Menon and Wilcox

The author states the following, in reference to using the

Researchers who wish to use the MARKETING RESEARCH: USE OF MARKET RESEARCH: USER Menon and Wilcox I ask only that the reference for these measures be reported in any published document and that the researchers send me basic psychometric data (e.g., means, standard deviations, alphas, and correlations with other measures) for the measure based on their sample.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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