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Marketing Research: Trust And Use Of Market Research (Moorman, Zaltman, and Deshpande 1992)

User trust in researcher, perceived quality of interaction, and commitment to relationship were operationalized as the average of five, five, and three 7-place, strongly disagree to strongly agree items, respectively. Researcher involvement assessed the respondent's perceived importance of the researcher's involvement in each of five project activities using 7-place scales bounded by very unimportant and very important. Instructions asked respondents to reply regarding their most recently completed research project.


Moorman, Zaltman, and Deshpande

Reliability and Validity

Evidence of validity is offered from use of the measures in subsequent model and hypothesis tests. The ability of the variables to operate generally as expected within their theoretical framework offers support for measurement validity. Moreover, this conclusion is supported by a number of predicted main and interaction effects. Modest intercorrelations among the five construct measures provide some additional evidence of discriminant validity.

The author states the following, in reference to using the

Researchers who wish to use the MARKETING RESEARCH: TRUST AND USE OF MARKET RESEARCH, Moorman, Zaltman, and Deshpande I ask only that the reference for these measures be reported in any published document and that the researchers send me basic psychometric data (e.g., means, standard deviations, alphas, and correlations with other measures) for the measure based on their sample

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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