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Market Maven: Propensity To Provide Marketplace And Shopping Information

In the year of 1987, Feick and Price evaluated market maven characteristics of individual shopping characteristics and information availability in Market Maven: Propensity to Provide Marketplace and Shopping Information. Generally, Mavens have the thought of information availability will be useful for others and influence on knowledge and expertise. The analysis of market maven characteristics is evaluated using 7- point scale. In this 7 –point scale 5 were stated ranges from strongly disagree to strongly agree and the remaining 2 were defined as The description does not fit me well at all, and the description fits me very well.

The factors considered in for evaluation are:

  • Introduction of new brand to friends
  • Tendency to provide information about new product
  • People seeking for suggestion
  • Requirement of people for best place to purchase
  • Friends think me as source of new products
  • Person providing information

The data were collected from 1,531 households by means of developmental studies, random digital numbering.


Feick and Price 1987

Reliability and Validity

The reliability and validity of data has been evaluated for both pilot study and main study the results obtained are:

For the pilot study

  • Coefficient alpha value is .84
  • Item –to – total correlation ranges from .51 to .67

In the main study

  • Reliability was .82
  • Item-to-total correlations ranges from .48 to .65

Obtaining the CATH

Feick, Lawrence E, and Linda L. Price. (1987). "The Market Maven: A Diffuser of Marketplace Information." Journal of Marketing, 51, 83-97.

Administration, Analysis, and Reporting

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