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Excellence in Business: Excel (Sharma, Netemeyer, and Mahajan 1990)

The Excel scale is a 16-item scale designed to measure the eight attributes of excellence espoused by Peters and Waterman. All items are scored on Likert-type scales from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Though originally hypothesized to be an eight-factor measure based on the eight attributes, factor analysis revealed a single higher-order factor structure composed of eight secondary factors that reflect the eight attributes of excellence. Thus, the items are summed to form an overall score of excellence, where scores can range from 16 to 112.


Sharma, Netemeyer and Mahajan1990

Reliability and Validity

The purification samples produced the final 16-item EXCEL scale. Though eight factors were hypothesized, factor analysis on Sample 1 data (n = 678) revealed that a single higher-order factor structure composed of eight secondary factors best fit the data. Coefficient alpha for this version of the scale was .89. Alpha for the industry analyst sample was .90. The validity of the scale was examined by correlating scores on the scale with financial ratios, measures of stock market performance, and rankings from Fortune magazine. These correlations showed strong support for the nomological validity of the EXCEL scale across both samples. For example, the correlation between the Treynor financial index and the EXCEL score was .62 (p = .05). The coefficient of concordance between the EXCEL rankings and a set of Fortune rankings was .92 (p = .08). A coefficient of concordance also indicated a high degree of agreement among the industry analysts (W = .77).

The author states the following, in reference to using the

Researchers who wish to use the. Excellence in Business Sharma, Netemeyer and Mahajan1990I ask only that the reference for these measures be reported in any published document and that the researchers send me basic psychometric data (e.g., means, standard deviations, alphas, and correlations with other measures) for the measure based on their sample.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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