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Expertise: Consumer Expertise

The expertise of the customer in the product-related task has been examined by Kleiser and Mantel 1994. The components related to Expertise: Consumer Expertise was examined by considering five components with 15-dimensional factors. To measure the expertise level of the consumer buying behavior 7-point, Likert has been used ranges from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

The components involved in consumer expertise are:

  • Cognitive effort and its inherent automaticity
  • Cognitive structure
  • Analysis
  • Elaboration
  • Memory

Even though all five components are interrelated to different consumer expertise, still it has different aspects of own perception. This factor reflects factual knowledge, decision making, intervening facts, analysis of information and gathering of product-related information. Data for analysis is collected from 118 undergraduate students for evaluation.


Kleiser and Mantel 1994

Alpha test were performed for selected five dimensions and values obtained are:
  • Cognitive effort = 0.90
  • Analysis = 0.72
  • Elaboration = 0.89
  • Memory = 0.86
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Selected five components overall correlation ranges from 0.439 to 0.864.
  • Correlation is obtained as 0.864 for elaboration and analysis.

Obtaining the CATH

Kleiser, Susan B., and Susan Powell Mantel. (1994). "The Dimensions of Consumer Expertise: A Scale Development." In Ravi Achrol and Andrew Mitchell (Eds.), AMA Summer Educators' Proceedings (Vol. 5, pp. 20-26). Chicago: American Marketing Association.

Administration, Analysis, and Reporting

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