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Conservatism Management

The two dimensions describe the continua that range from organic to mechanistic processes and from internal maintenance to external positioning. The four culture types are (a) market culture that emphasizes competitiveness and goal achievement, (b) adhocracy culture that emphasizes entrepreneurship and creativity, (c) clan culture that emphasizes teamwork and cooperation, and (d) hierarchy culture that emphasizes order and regulations.


Deshpande, Farley, and Webster

Reliability and Validity

Like the evidence cited earlier for the authors' customer orientation measure, evidence in support of validity is provided by the empirical support for the theoretical propositions. For example, market cultures were associated with the best performance, whereas hierarchical cultures were associated with the poorest performance, as predicted.

The author states the following, in reference to using the

Researchers who wish to use the. CULTURE: ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Deshpande, Farley, and Webster I ask only that the reference for these measures be reported in any published document and that the researchers send me basic psychometric data (e.g., means, standard deviations, alphas, and correlations with other measures) for the measure based on their sample.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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