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Are you seeking journal support to publish your paper in a high-impact journal?

Before you submit your paper for publication you must make sure that your paper is in accordance with the expectations of your audience.

  • Peer Review Your Manuscript for Sample size, Hypothesis, Power
  • Ensure high acceptance rate – We peer review statistics and research methodology for peer-reviewed journals.

With our peer review team of experts, you can find the detailed comments about your paper that you would expect to hear from experts in your field. A peer review is essential to make a final rework on your paper before handing it over to publication.

A quality feedback on your paper by our qualified reviewers at Statswork would benefit you to proceed further towards publishing. They give you feedback on your paper's organization, the substance and the experimental design after examining thoroughly from top to bottom. This way, you increase the chances of publication with necessary changes done according to our reviewer's ideas and suggestions.

Peer review help is offered at Statswork:

  • commentary on the claims stated in the study
  • commentary on the experimental design
  • text clarity is evaluated
  • effective feedback on the paper organization
  • English language editing
  • evaluation of the scientific logic and hypothesis support
  • suggestions for altering text to stay within word count limits
  • a final edit after you have made the changes as prescribed by your reviewers

A Statistical Consultancy for Students,Scholars and Researchers

Statswork (, a pioneer statistical consulting firm providing complete statistical assistance including academic, educational institutions and non-government organizations across the globe since 2011. We provide end-to-end solutions for all your analytical needs that include creating hypothetical framework to power point presentation. The objective is to provide prompt, reliable, and understandable information about data analysis to our clients.

Our team comprised of doctorate and Master’s Degree in statistics and biostatistics. Statswork offers statistical and biostatistics solutions for researchers, students and corporates across the globe.

Our Offerings for Students,Scholars and Researchers

  • - Academic Statistics help,
  • - Data Collection,
  • - Statistical Interpretation Help,