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Ethical approaches to be followed in research


Ethical approaches to be followed in research

The research was undertaken in a manner which ensures that participants are able to be confident that their privacy and confidentiality will be properly protected. Saunders et al., (2019) identify participants’ rights as being:

  • Not to participate.
  • Not to be harassed or offered inducements beyond the scope of participation.
  • To be contacted at reasonable times.
  • To determine, within reason, when they will participate in the Data Collection process.
  • To expect the researcher to abide by the extent of consent given.
  • Not to be subject to any attempt to prolong the duration of an interview.
  • Not to answer any question, or set of questions.
  • Not to be subjected to questions that create stress or discomfort.
  • To expect agreed anonymity and confidentiality to be observed strictly both in relation to discussions and during the reporting of data.

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