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Romanticism-classicism: RC index (Holbrook and Olney 1995)

The scale of Romanticism-classicism: RC index developed by Holbrook and Olney (1995) composed of 55 items measured on 7-point Likert-type scales ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Twenty-eight of the items reflect romanticism, and 27 reflect classicism. After the classicism items are reverse scored, scores on all 55 items are summed to form one overall RC Index score.

The authors state

" The classicist is generally more purposeful, rational, controlled, and risk-averse than the romanticist, and the romanticist is more sensitive, emotional, chaotic, and risk-seeking than the classicist. Romanticism is more closely aligned to aesthetic sensitivity, creativity, and the power of imagination, and classicism is more aligned with economical thinking, rules, and methods."

Holbrook, Morris B., and Thomas J. Olney.

Reliability and Validity

Coefficient alpha estimate of internal consistency of .85

Obtaining the RC index

University of Technology Sydney

The author expressed their perception in following, with regards to RC index scale. Researchers may utilise the scale of Preference for Romanticism-classicism: RC index (Holbrook and Olney 1995) in any proper published source.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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