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Sampling Methods

Sampling is a significant process in your business research or your academic research that plays a vital role in simplifying your complete data collection work. Samples are extracting from the population. Hence, the sample has the features of population. Samples are reduced based on the time and cost. Based on the theorem, it is noted that the ‘Sample mean is an unbiased estimate of population mean’. Our Statswork experts are well aware of the sampling techniques prevalently used and we suggest you the best sampling method for your study.

Simple Random Sampling

This method of sampling is used to randomly select the observation from population. Each observation of population has an equal chance of being selected.

Systematic sampling

This method of sampling is often used instead of simple random sampling.

Stratified Sampling

This method of sampling reduces sampling error. Here the total population is split into Stratum. The observations of each stratum have the same characteristics. But Strata are not similar. Simple random sampling technique is used to select the observations for construct stratum.

Convenience Sampling

In this technique, the sample is selected based on our convenient.

Judgment Sampling

It is one of the nonprobability sampling techniques. In this technique, the sample is selected based on our judgment.

How do we select the best sampling method for your study?

Once we are completely aware of your business or research needs, we select the right sampling method for your study. After analyzing the objectives, target population, geographical area, the sampling method will be finalized from us.

How do I contact you?

You just need to call us at +91 87544 46690 or email us at or connect here with your study’s title and objectives so that we can take it further.

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