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Questionnaire Design

Every researcher spends a big chunk of time developing the tools for data collection. A well designed questionnaire is must to achieve sucess in your survey. Questionnaire design is more of an art than a science as designing starts with an experience. Questionnaire design is based on the type of information collected (exploratory information or quantitative information).

It may be administered in the form of a questionnaire administered either by survey, interview or focus groups. But what goes into the questionnaire is significant since the participants will provide data in responses to the questionnaire.

We at statswork help you to develop questionnaire

The ideal questionnaire:

Is easy to comprehend

Is unambiguous

Provides adequate instructions for the participant

Is investigative

Minimises survey cost

Maximises the response rate Encourages participation

Ensures confidentiality of participants

Invites feedback and suggestions

Is tested by a pilot study

Though the questionnaire is the most commonly used tool, it needs the judgemental capacity of an experienced researcher who can put together the correct questions. Our team at stats work have had high success rates at developing and administering questionnaire for some of the path-breaking studies undertaken for management and medical purposes. Our expertise design the Questionnaire keeping in the mind on statistcal tools applied for analysing the data

Questionnaire development process starts with

identifying the Survey purpose

What kinds of questions the survey would be developed to answer?

Outcome of the results

Steps in questionnaire development

Questionnaire research planning, Conducting Item Try-outs and an item analysis

Questionnaire preparation for administration

Conducting pilot study to test the feasibility of a questionnaire developed

Selecting a sample of respondents and data collection process

Preparing statistical tables and figures

Describing relationship

Marging of error estimation

Preparation of report

Instruction Manual

Most often the researcher is not necessarily the one who is on the field collecting the data. The researcher employs manpower to administer the survey, interview, or focus groups. In this scenario, it is crucial that the researcher provides the research assistant with necessary instruction on how to administer the questionnaire. Our Guidance for Research team will help you develop the instruction manual leaving no stone unturned to give detailed instructions in the data collection process.