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Scales Related to Information Processing


According to Lastovicka and Gardner (1979), two major components comprise of involvement- commitment and normative importance. While commitment is referred to as the pledging the choice of an individual to the choice of the brand, normative importance implies how a product class is engaged with the values of an individual. A 7 point likert scale is used wherein 22 statements are involved. Three factors covering the two components are as follows:

  • Commitment
  • Familiarity
  • Normative importance
  • The items could be summed with each factor for derivation of factor index.


Lastovicka, John L. and David M. Gardner

Reliability and Validity:

Coefficient alpha and test-retest are not reported. However, factor loading pattern suggested the all the factors of CP possessed convergent, content and discriminant validity.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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